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Appliances for 100 and up: Good Deals

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Bought a Frig and stove for $400 plus $50 delivery. FRUG makes noice and one burner on stove doesn't work.
Within 3 weeks, I've visited the shop 4 times, each time with him telling me he will come out. He came out, but at 6:53pm and another at 7:41pm and another was a no-show. Sorry, that's unprofessional. I'm a single woman in a new town. Im Not letting a stranger in my house after 5-5:30pm.
He will be served with Small Claims paperwork in 2 days...when I can take time off of work (I'm already out 3 days of work for his late and no shows)
Jul, 03 2019, Wanda Mendoza

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